How to do the evaluation of impregnated paper laminated wood floor

We know that there are countless flooring brands on the market. The so-called beautiful skin is the same. It is said that in case an interesting soul is selected, as a merchant, how to make customers only interested in our products is a necessary skill for all salespeople. Don't forget the old saying "seeing is believing". If it's not rightimpregnated paperLaminated wood floor for actual evaluation, to solve the customer's concerns, customers can not rest assured, then, let's learn how to do the evaluation of impregnated paper laminated wood floor!

Appreciation of 1. Appearance

Mainly check whether the impregnated paper laminated wood floor has the following defects.

Defects such as mortise defects, dried flowers and wet flowers, surface scratches, inconsistent color, inconsistent luster, stain spots, bubbling, bulging, paper cracks, local paper shortage, notches, surface dents, through-prints, surface cracks, corner defects, etc. Note that the viewing distance is usually about 0.5 meters. Generally speaking, you can also touch the smooth touch of the impregnated paper laminate wood floor.

2. intrinsic performance

The inherent performance of impregnated paper is actually physical and chemical properties. We must first understand which items are mainly tested for physical and chemical properties.

Density, moisture content, absorption thickness expansion rate, internal bonding strength, surface bonding strength, surface scratch resistance, surface resistance to cold and hot cycles, dimensional stability, surface abrasion resistance, surface resistance to smoke damage, surface resistance to dry heat, surface resistance to pollution, surface resistance to cracking, locking force, impact resistance, light color fastness, surface resistance to water vapor, formaldehyde emission.

Some of the above testing items need to be tested in the laboratory. In order to better show the performance of the product, promotional photos and videos can be taken to show to customers.

  impregnated paperFor items such as surface scratch resistance, surface cooling and heating cycles, surface abrasion resistance, surface flue-cured tobacco, surface dry heat resistance, surface pollution resistance, chain force, impact resistance, etc., the same test methods as practical can be used.

1. Surface scratch resistance

Under standard conditions, the damage resistance test instrument is used for testing, and the load cycle is 4N. However, we can use metal such as keys to apply force to the floor on site and display it back and forth with a certain force, indicating that the floor surface has certain damage resistance.

2. Resistance to surface cold and heat cycle

The operation of this project is perfect and very convincing. The standard practice is to put the floor sample into the drying oven of 80 for 2 hours and then put it into the refrigerator of -20 for 2 hours, and cycle 2 times. Now the work is to save time, the demonstration will be placed in the 90 dry box 30 minutes after the floor samples into the -25 refrigerator 30 minutes after. For businesses with excellent product quality, floor templates can be adopted, floor samples can be boiled in 100 hot water for 10 minutes, then frozen in a refrigerator for 30 minutes, and finally baked in an oven adjusted to about 100 at high temperature for 15 minutes for on-site demonstration. After the test, indicate to the customer that the sample is intact, measured with a vernier caliper, and the size and shape are still intact.

3. Surface wear resistance

We know that the floor of the house is mainly people's shoes and furniture and floor contact wear, so we are now sitting on the office chair to walk back and forth on the floor, or wear high heels to walk back and forth on the floor. You can also use steel ball, simple and rough.

4. Surface resistance to tobacco burning

The detection of this project can adopt a method that fully complies with national standards. Ignite a cigarette and take a few puffs, filter it, let the smoke lie on the floor, let the smoke burn naturally, and finally check the surface of the floor, blackening, cracks, and blisters.

5. Surface heat resistance

Put the iron kettle with boiling water directly on the floor, and observe the surface of the floor after 20 minutes to avoid leaving obvious marks.

6. Surface pollution resistance

The testing of this item is also very convincing, and consumers are generally interested, but in the end the floor will be soiled by various things, which is inevitable. First of all, you can simulate children using ink, water-based pens, and water-based pens to create on the floor. After standing for 30 minutes, wipe the sample with a rag. You can also pour soy sauce, detergent and other commonly used kitchen liquids on the floor slightly, as if accidentally spilled on the floor in real life. After standing for 30 minutes, wipe the sample with a rag.

7. Locking force

The floor with locking force will not leave or warp due to external changes even if there is moisture and temperature difference. A live demonstration of this project is also necessary. Just install two floors and have a tug-of-war.

8. Strong impact resistance

Impregnated paper as a floor, of course, requires strong impact resistance, but this does not want to explain it. Laying the floor, releasing the steel ball with a mass of 500g at 1 m above, hitting the floor, and checking whether the floor surface is in good condition. With guts and confidence, you can also choose 1000g steel ball or higher release height.

Items required for live demonstration: keys and other metal items, at least oven and refrigerator, office rotating chair, steel wire ball, lighter, electric kettle, kitchen condiment items, 500g steel ball, etc. Or combine national standards and prepare what you think is equivalent to equipment and machines for testing.

The above introduction isimpregnated paperHow to evaluate laminated wood flooring, I think we should master the ideas and methods of how to evaluate impregnated paper laminated wood flooring. Use live demonstrations and data to convince customers and make them shine.


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