Production Technology and Detection Method of Impregnated Paper Laminated Wood Floor

  impregnated paperLaminated wood flooring is a flooring that has developed rapidly in recent years. Impregnated paper laminated wood flooring (trade name "laminate flooring" (thermosetting amino resin impregnated in one or more layers of special paper, laid on high-density fiberboard, particleboard, etc. The surface of the board substrate has attracted customers with excellent performance and suitable prices, occupying half of the flooring market. The back is applied with a balance layer, the surface is applied with a wear-resistant layer, and the floor is formed by hot pressing and forming. Then, let's learn about the production process and detection method of the impregnated paper laminated wood floor!

Structure of 1. impregnated paper laminated wood floor

Impregnated paper laminated wood floor structure generally uses high-density fiberboard (some also have medium-density fiberboard and special particleboard) as the core material, the back is equipped with balanced paper to form the floor, the surface is equipped with surface paper and decorative paper, and the reinforcement layer is appropriately added when there are special reinforcement requirements.

One layer: wear-resistant layer

The surface of the impregnated paper laminated wood floor is also called the wear-resistant layer. The surface wear-resistant paper is the surface of the impregnated paper laminated wood floor, which provides transparent, wear-resistant, waterproof and fireproof protection.

The surface paper of the impregnated paper laminated wood floor contains aluminum trioxide high wear-resistant material, and the wear resistance of the impregnated paper laminated wood floor mainly depends on this transparent wear-resistant paper. The wear resistance is measured by the number of grams of Al2O3 per square meter of the surface layer, but the content of the wear-resistant material cannot be too high. Generally, it is 75g/m2 or less. Since Al2O is a mineral material, its content is proportional to the wear resistance. At the same time, its hidden effect affects the clarity of the lower decorative paper, the content is too high (especially after more than 75g/m2), the surface lacks toughness, easy to become brittle, so the hardness and wear resistance of the tool are also increased accordingly.

Second layer: decorative layer

  impregnated paperThe second layer of the laminated wood floor is a decorative layer, and it can also be a wood grain decorative paper that imitates various tree species and a stone grain decorative paper that imitates various stones. It is a printing paper made by computer simulation technology. Covered on the base layer as a decorative layer, with the ability to resist ultraviolet rays, or other decorative paper with special patterns, providing beautiful and realistic wood grain. Computer wood grain and pattern decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin does not fade after long exposure. The basis weight of decorative paper is generally 70-90g/m2.

Three layers: core layer

The third layer of the impregnated paper laminated wood floor is the substrate layer. The quality of the impregnated paper laminated wood floor depends to a certain extent on the quality of the substrate, that is, the core layer, usually 7-8mm thick high density fiberboard (HDF). In line with the "floor substrate with fiberboard" industry standards. The density of medium density fiberboard is 0.65-0.80g/cm3. Therefore, the general requirements for the substrate are higher, mainly: high bonding strength, high static bending strength, high elastic modulus, smooth surface, uniform density, low free formaldehyde content, good moisture resistance, etc. According to the national GB/T18102 standard, the substrate density above 0.85g/cm3 is qualified.

Four layers: the fourth layer of the balanced layer impregnated paper laminated wood floor is the balance layer, which is generally impregnated with melamine resin or phenolic resin in thick paper with a certain strength, and the weight of the balanced paper is usually 120g/m2. The main functions of balance paper are as follows

1) Make the product have a balanced and stable size to prevent the floor from warping;

2) Moisture-proof and improve moisture resistance) isolate moisture and moisture from the ground, protect the floor from moisture on the ground, and strengthen the moisture-proof function of the substrate.

Performance and Characteristics of 2. Impregnated Paper Laminated Wood Floor

  impregnated paperThe performance and characteristics of the laminated wood floor are as follows.

Abrasion resistance. Because the impregnated paper is a special structure of the laminated wood floor surface, the floor surface has good wear resistance, which is 10-20 times that of the general wood floor. Therefore, many large shopping malls use impregnated paper to laminate wooden floors as floor materials.

Stability is good. The substrate is medium density board, the internal structure is uniform, the density is moderate, and the dimensional stability is good. It will not produce common thermal expansion, cooling, shrinkage, and structural instability problems such as solid wood flooring; at present, most areas of our country (except the south) have set up floor heating or geothermal facilities during home decoration, but solid wood flooring is not suitable for floor heating environment, Impregnated paper laminated wood flooring has been proved to be completely suitable for laying floor heating environment without deformation.

Resistance to pollution, corrosion and ultraviolet light. This floor is exposed to sunlight for a long time, does not change, does not fade, and quickly removes ink and oil stains without leaving traces.

There are many varieties of flowers and colors, and the colors are elegant and generous. The pattern of the composite impregnated paper laminated wood floor is determined by the decorative paper, and the decorative paper uses the printed pattern simulated by the computer as the decorative material, so there are many colors and varieties. Because the solid wood floor-like pattern is not inherent, this provides a lot of space for the visual expression of the floor. You can also design various patterns and styles such as cork flooring and inlaid flooring. Impregnated paper laminated wood flooring can not only design the texture of solid wood flooring, but also suitable for various family decoration styles.

Resistance to tobacco cauterization. In use, when the cigarette end accidentally falls to the floor, it will not leave traces of blackening, cracks, or blistering.

Good mechanical properties. Impregnated paper laminated wood floor surface bonding strength, hardness, good impact toughness.

Economy. Much cheaper than solid wood flooring and is an economical flooring

Simple installation and convenient maintenance. Convenient, the joints can be waxed after laying. The floor adopts a floating laying method, does not require keels and nails, and has better durability.

Protection of forest resources to meet the requirements of low-carbon environmental protection. The main use of raw materials for the floor is "secondary, small, supply material" manufacturing. At present, in order to ensure human health, the national industry department has strengthened the formaldehyde release limit of raw material manufacturers. High-quality brands will not imitate solid wood flooring and endanger human health.


When the surface layer is not completely bonded, it will warp and damage.

Due to water or sun, etc. may occur reverse warping deformation phenomenon, formaldehyde exceeds the standard, will pollute the environment.

The above introduction isimpregnated paperLaminated wood flooring production process and testing methods, if you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!

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