What is wood grain paper technology? How does it effectively restore the realism of wood grain?

In recent years, the development of the decorative material market has been driven by the continuous progress of manufacturing technology and people's increasingly personalized customization needs, in the decorative wood-based panel, impregnated film paper decorative board after nearly 30 years of upgrading, has become one of the main products of its category.

Impregnated plastic film paper decorative board, also known as triamine board, mainly uses particleboard or medium density fiberboard as the base material, and triamine and other resins as the finish, so that the visual style of the finish can be customized. It is not only an important technology to make wood-based panels personalized and valuable, but also an important means to alleviate the pressure of wood development. Under the market iteration, people's demand for finishes has surged, and wood grain paper pressing technology has emerged. This technology makes the veneer have both visual and tactile textures.

The rise of the veneer panel market, wood grain paper technology breakthrough in China, decorative board and decorative paper industry has been an important part of the forest products industry. In recent years, the rapid development of the architectural decoration market, custom home and other industries has also led to the growth of the decorative sheet market. Due to the rich resources of the board substrate, the trend of user personalized demand is increasing, industrial manufacturing is developing towards intelligence, automation and flexibility, and the demand for high-end products is gradually increasing. The positive feedback mechanism encourages enterprises to improve the veneer pressing process, and the wood grain paper technology has also made progress and breakthroughs. In the era of rapid development of the Internet, the Internet, new media and other media have changed people's clothing, food, housing and transportation, and the public's aesthetic taste is constantly changing with the new cognition. Therefore, in the current market, in order to meet the individual needs of different consumers, product design is particularly important.

The change of the market also helps the technical change of the veneer wood-based panel. The traditional veneer particleboard obviously cannot meet the needs of some markets. Under this background, the synchronous grain technology continues to break through. Due to the high degree of individualization of the synchronous grain, it has natural wood grain texture and high production efficiency, and has gradually become one of the main products under the promotion and application of enterprises.

Description of wood grain paper process: The principle of wood grain paper is generally to press the lines of mold steel plate and veneer paper, so that the veneer has the real texture of natural wood in vision and touch. Specifically, in the process of pressing, the texture of wood grain paper is synchronized with the steel plate template through high-definition camera system and precise positioning technology.

Process characteristics and advantages, compared with the traditional flat wood-based panels and solid wood panels, wood-based paper decorative panels with the same natural wood texture as solid wood, touch real, more diverse appearance options, stable structure, and has a certain cost advantage. Wood texture, real touch. After the wood grain paper process, the grain on the surface of the board is consistent with the concavity and convexity, and its delicate texture is consistent with the original wood grain. Especially in the light and shadow mapping, the touch and vision of the surface texture of the board are very real and delicate.

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Introduction to the advantages of impregnated paper, come and collect!

Melamine impregnated paper is divided into three categories: plain paper, printing paper and wear-resistant paper. According to the product application, it can be divided into two categories: face paper and base paper. Ordinary paper is different from original color paper and printing paper. The base paper is good, pure in color, not easy to change color, and the color of printing paper is relatively uneven. Generally, plain printing paper is used as base paper (multi-purpose laminate flooring, also called balance paper), which is widely used in cabinets and laminate flooring.

Impregnated paper features introduced, quick collection!

Impregnated paper is a mixture of non-woven wood pulp and PE and plant fibers. It has good absorption and anti-dissolution ability. Impregnated paper is also a very economical paper towel with low particle shedding rate. What are the characteristics of impregnated paper? Let's analyze it together. Impregnated paper wear-resistant, rich styles, impact resistance, no deformation, pollution resistance, flame retardant, moisture-proof, environmental protection, do not fade, easy to install, easy to take care of, can be used for floor heating, etc.

Dry goods sharing, one minute to take you to understand the development history of melamine impregnated paper

What is the development history of melamine impregnated paper? Let's take a brief analysis. Melamine impregnated paper is generally used for panel furniture, most of which are low-pressure and short-cycle forms, that is, the board is made by pressing for tens of seconds under high temperature and high pressure. In recent years, the synchronous disk produced by combining gelatin paper with steel plate and wood grain has been loved by people because of its good body texture.

Dry goods sharing, one minute to take you to understand the main indicators of melamine impregnated paper

What are the main indicators of melamine impregnated paper? Let's make a brief analysis together. 1. The amount of glue: the solid resin content of the decorative film paper (expressed as a percentage (%)). 2. Volatile content: the content (percentage (%)) of volatiles (mostly moisture and other small molecules) on decorative film paper. 3. Pre-curing degree: The curing degree of the resin is expressed as a percentage (%) on the decorative film paper.

Dry goods sharing, one minute to take you to understand melamine impregnated paper

Melamine impregnated paper, also known as "melamine" paper, especially refers to the amino resin (melamine-formaldehyde resin and urea-formaldehyde resin) impregnated in solid color base paper or printed decorative paper, after a certain degree of drying, can be hot-pressed bonded together or bonded on the wood-based board substrate offset paper.

The use of wood grain paper points

Wood grain paper is mainly used for decoration or trimming of furniture, speakers and other household office supplies. Now its other uses include: plastic packaging, wine packaging, plastic calendars, decorative paintings, etc. The following points for the use of wood grain paper?