Wood grain paper furniture sticker manufacturer: Introduction of construction method of wood grain paper furniture sticker

Steel structure guardrails, steel structure gallery frames, steel structure flower frames, steel structure brackets, steel structure pavilions and other steel structure buildings are often used, and these buildings will be more natural and beautiful after using wood grain coatings. Today we want to talk about wood grain paper The difference between the construction method of furniture stickers on steel structures and the impact on steel structures!

In general, there are three construction methods for wood grain paper furniture stickers, one is irregular circular wood grain texture, one is linear texture, and the other is breakpoint linear texture. Three kinds of wood grain paper furniture sticker textures have their own effects and benefits!

Irregular circular wood grain texture generally rely on professional wood grain tools to produce texture effects. The diameter of a circle can be large or small, but a circle is not a perfect circle. In addition, because this texture effect is handmade, it can be adjusted according to the actual situation, such as the edge of the steel structure or the wood grain texture of the interface. The overall effect is similar to tree-wheel, also known as tree-wheel wood grain, with the following effects:

The texture effect of linear paper furniture stickers is to use a brown brush to directly brush the straight texture from top to bottom, and use a brown brush to brush the fine texture from the bristles. The fine texture makes the steel structure more slender. Although the texture is not as natural as the irregular round texture, it also has its unique charm! The effect is as follows:

Compared with the linear texture, the breakpoint linear texture is more delicate and clear, and the tool selection is more strict. The effect not only makes the steel structure look thin, but also like pasting on wood grain paper. More suitable for indoor use, very delicate,

Wood grain paper furniture stickers are the main materials for decorating steel structures, aluminum tubes, walls and other basic levels. Its main function is to make the wood grain paper furniture stickers on a variety of grass-roots effect. However, many consumers now like to find a source of goods. Why do consumers like to find sources of goods when shopping? Of course, finding sources of goods is good for consumers, and wood grain paper furniture stickers are no exception!

So what are the benefits of finding a paper furniture sticker manufacturer?

Advantage 1: After the wood grain paper furniture sticker manufacturer finds the wood grain paper furniture sticker, the quality of the wood grain paper furniture sticker is better guaranteed. Generally speaking, the manufacturer's materials have strict requirements and controls before leaving the factory, so the wood grain paper furniture stickers are of high quality when they leave the factory. However, when it passes through some middlemen, especially some less fastidious middlemen, it may add water to the paint or perform other treatments, which can increase their profits, so after the wood grain paint reaches the middlemen, the product quality Not easy to control!

Advantage 2: wood grain paper furniture sticker price is low, no middleman. Without middlemen, there is no price difference. Without middlemen, it will naturally reduce some of the costs!

Advantage 3: With the support of the factory, the manufacturer will discharge the material faster. Wood grain paper furniture stickers do not need to be transported layer by layer, the unloading speed is fast, and the construction period is saved.

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