Impregnated paper manufacturers talk about how to reasonably dismantle building template paper?

Impregnated paper manufacturers: how to reasonably remove the construction template paper?

Building template paper can not only protect the building template, improve the reuse rate of the building template, but also increase the service life of the template. It is not difficult to see the key functions of the building template paper. The actual protection of the building template can be seen from the following. The small series of impregnated paper manufacturers will continue to explain for you.

Of course, the template paper can produce enamel to fill the shortcomings of the surface layer of the building template. The decomposition reaction temperature of the template paper is about 210, which has excellent high temperature resistance and alkali resistance, and is especially suitable for the natural environment of the application of the building template.

Most of the building templates in the construction project are piled up outdoors. The protective template paper can deal with the problem that the building templates are not corroded. The template paper has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance, because the protective effect of the template paper can prevent the building templates from being corroded by concrete sand and concrete hydrates, and can reasonably improve the reuse rate of the building templates, thereby increasing the service life of the building templates.

Building template paper can be seen on the back of many building materials. It generally has an anti-scratch effect. It needs to be removed and replaced in time after long-term use. How can it be reasonably exposed at this time? Let us look at three reasonable methods to show the application of template paper.

1. We can choose the heating method and blow it with a hair dryer, which can make the adhesive soft reasonably. When the adhesive force is weakened, it is easy to solve.

2. Dip a dry cloth with the appropriate white rice vinegar, cover all the places that the cloth can cover until completely soaked, then use a ruler to remove the paper.

3. Dip a small amount of polishing water with a dry cloth and try to see if it can be uncovered.

Impregnated paper manufacturers: where is the key technology for the maintenance of construction template paper?

The middle and late maintenance of building template paper is very important. Well-maintained building decoration materials can not only ensure the quality, but also increase the frequency of use. This shows the key to maintenance. The following manufacturers will introduce the maintenance technology in detail.

1. If you need to cut a hole in the building template paper manufacturer for the first time, people must use special edge sealing glue to close the wound in the future. In the case of opening, you need to pad the building wood square directly under the building template paper to avoid cracks in the building template paper. In addition, you should pay attention to ensure the consistency of the building template paper.

2. After removing the board, the manufacturer of the building template paper should use a scraper to completely remove the stains on the surface. If it must be stored for a long time, people must apply some oil on its surface, cover it with a tarpaulin during the whole process of storage, and protect it from the wind and sun. Put the building template paper flat in the soil!

Today, the small series of impregnated paper manufacturers has come to an end. Thank you for watching.

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