How do customers choose a good wood grain paper supplier?

For this wood grain paper products I believe we are still familiar with it, needless to say it knows what it is, with the increase in demand, you also see the market first out of a lot of wood grain paper suppliers, in this case how to choose a little better. Hope it can bring you help.

In the face of a large number of wood grain paper suppliers, customers in the selection is also more difficult, so the need for things and problems quite a lot, because this matter is still more troublesome, this time you must still understand some methods. That way it won't be a problem. If you have time, you may as well come and study. The advice given by Xiao Bian here is that you can consult professionals. There is a saying like this, that is, interlacing is like a mountain. For some people who don't understand this industry, they don't know how to start if they want to find it. Therefore, if you want to find a good wood grain paper supplier in the future, you can go to some peers for consultation. If you want to find a good wood grain paper supplier, then you can consult a professional to find out which is better, which is also a good way. To know the advantages and disadvantages of different manufacturers, so that you can more quickly determine the target. Among many enterprises, it is found that the wood grain paper supplier has done a good job, because it is well-known, so it is completely worth recommend to everyone.,

Next, when you are looking for wood grain paper suppliers, you also need to check their basic information, which needs to be determined after a good goal, and some users do not understand in this regard. I said here today that I will know later. In fact, generally good companies have their own websites, on which you can see their basic information. When understanding the wood grain paper suppliers, the main look is the scale, engaged in related business experience, access to patents and awards, etc., these are some basic information, but also everyone should master, so that it is easy to understand the manufacturer's production strength. The quality and cost performance of wood grain paper should also be considered. If you think about any product, if its quality is not up to standard, there will be many problems in use, so the same is true for wood grain paper. As a customer, you must understand that generally speaking, the quality of the products is excellent, and it is not easy to have problems. Moreover, the manufacturers with appropriate price and high cost performance are worth considering. As long as you master these later will become very simple.

On the "customer how to choose a good wood grain paper supplier?" related questions for everyone to talk about this kind of, I hope it can help more people. We sincerely hope to make permanent partners with new and old friends from all walks of life and create a better future together.


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Melamine impregnated paper is divided into three categories: plain paper, printing paper and wear-resistant paper. According to the product application, it can be divided into two categories: face paper and base paper. Ordinary paper is different from original color paper and printing paper. The base paper is good, pure in color, not easy to change color, and the color of printing paper is relatively uneven. Generally, plain printing paper is used as base paper (multi-purpose laminate flooring, also called balance paper), which is widely used in cabinets and laminate flooring.

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Impregnated paper is a mixture of non-woven wood pulp and PE and plant fibers. It has good absorption and anti-dissolution ability. Impregnated paper is also a very economical paper towel with low particle shedding rate. What are the characteristics of impregnated paper? Let's analyze it together. Impregnated paper wear-resistant, rich styles, impact resistance, no deformation, pollution resistance, flame retardant, moisture-proof, environmental protection, do not fade, easy to install, easy to take care of, can be used for floor heating, etc.

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What is the development history of melamine impregnated paper? Let's take a brief analysis. Melamine impregnated paper is generally used for panel furniture, most of which are low-pressure and short-cycle forms, that is, the board is made by pressing for tens of seconds under high temperature and high pressure. In recent years, the synchronous disk produced by combining gelatin paper with steel plate and wood grain has been loved by people because of its good body texture.

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What are the main indicators of melamine impregnated paper? Let's make a brief analysis together. 1. The amount of glue: the solid resin content of the decorative film paper (expressed as a percentage (%)). 2. Volatile content: the content (percentage (%)) of volatiles (mostly moisture and other small molecules) on decorative film paper. 3. Pre-curing degree: The curing degree of the resin is expressed as a percentage (%) on the decorative film paper.

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Melamine impregnated paper, also known as "melamine" paper, especially refers to the amino resin (melamine-formaldehyde resin and urea-formaldehyde resin) impregnated in solid color base paper or printed decorative paper, after a certain degree of drying, can be hot-pressed bonded together or bonded on the wood-based board substrate offset paper.

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Wood grain paper is mainly used for decoration or trimming of furniture, speakers and other household office supplies. Now its other uses include: plastic packaging, wine packaging, plastic calendars, decorative paintings, etc. The following points for the use of wood grain paper?