Wood grain paper furniture sticker manufacturers below to introduce the characteristics of pattern paper and furniture stickers

Wood grain paper furniture stickers manufacturers: pattern paper must know common sense?

Pattern paper is a unique design style. Designers and printers are constantly seeking to make their works stand out. Many times pattern paper can make them better. This high-quality paper product feels soft, looks gorgeous, and the finished product is more noble and pleasing. There are many kinds of pattern paper, each with its own characteristics, higher than ordinary paper. Pattern paper can be divided into the following categories:

(1) Mesh paper

Screen-making paper is a traditional and commonly used method of producing texture on paper. This process is usually inserted into the paper-making process. Wet paper is placed between two pieces of water-absorbent and soft flannel. The lines and textures of the flannel are printed on the paper. This process is divided into single-sided or double-sided printing. The lines and patterns of screen paper like ancient striped paper are looming and soft in texture. Some imported reticulated paper contains cotton, softer and natural texture, rich toughness, suitable for packaging and printing.

(2) Antique effect paper

Many customers and graphic designers have a special liking for high-quality plain uncoated paper, which feels warm and rich. In addition, book publishers also require paper to be more durable, hoping that the paper is fresh and stiff to ensure stable and consistent printing effect. Products designed with antique effect paper are simple, beautiful and generous.

wood paper furniture stickers factory: furniture stickers know how much?

This question can be read literally, it is a kind of paper used to decorate furniture, which belongs to a kind of decorative paper.

So what is decorative paper? According to Baidu, decorative paper is placed under the face paper in the product structure, which mainly plays the role of providing decorative patterns and covering to prevent the bottom glue from seeping out. Among them, face paper is mentioned, so where is the superiority of face paper? Face paper is face paper, that is, face paper. I will not explain the word "surface layer", otherwise I will not finish this article tomorrow. Here, we can share with you that surface paper is used to protect the following decorative paper. Its characteristic is wear-resistant, so it is also called "wear-resistant paper" in some places ".

Returning to the theme, the role of furniture stickers is to decorate, with various wood grains as patterns, covering the raw materials to produce new texture patterns. The following are some furniture papers with different textures:

Furniture paper needs good hiding power, because it needs to completely cover the previous color or picture, and then needs impregnation and printability. At the same time, furniture paper requires a smooth surface, good absorption and adaptability, uniform tone and background color, and bright colors.

Furniture stickers are not only used for furniture, but also for some cabinets, such as low-pressure panels and high-pressure panels, fireproof panels and floors to create different effects.

Wood grain paper furniture sticker manufacturers are introduced here today. Thank you for watching.

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