Wood grain paper furniture sticker manufacturers introduce the following furniture paper precautions and the role of wood grain paper

Wood grain paper furniture sticker manufacturers introduce the following furniture paper precautions and the role of wood grain paper

Wood grain paper furniture stickers manufacturers: stick furniture paper notes

1. When the base layer is treated, it must be clean, flat and smooth, and the moisture-proof coating should be uniform and should not be too thick.

(1) concrete, plastering base: wall clean up, surface cracks, potholes with putty leveling, again putty, polishing level, according to the need to determine the number of putty.

(2) wood base: wood base should be planed, no burr, stubble and exposed nail head, joints and nail holes filled with putty, full putty, smooth and flat.

(3) Gypsum board base: The joints of the gypsum board are treated with caulking putty, and the joints are glued with joint tape to scrape off the putty on the surface.

2. Generally, 107 glue is used to coat the primer, and the primer will survive again, but there can be no omission.

3. In order to prevent the wallpaper and wall from falling off due to moisture, a moisture-proof coating can be applied.

4. Play the vertical and horizontal lines to ensure that the wallpaper and wall covering are horizontal and vertical and the pattern is correct.

5. Plastic wallpaper will expand when exposed to water. It is necessary to wet the paper with water to fully expand the plastic wallpaper. The wallpaper and wall covering of glass fiber substrate will not shrink when exposed to water. There is no need to wet the paper. Composite paper wallpaper and textile fiber wallpaper should not be stuffy.

6. After pasting, press the wallpaper glue, no bubbles can be left, and the extruded glue should be wiped off in time.

Wood grain paper furniture sticker manufacturer: Do you know what wood grain paper is used?

In fact, wood grain paper is widely used in our daily life. Wood grain paper is not necessarily a fake, but it is also a good decorative material. However, wood grain paper is easy to wrinkle. How to prevent wood grain paper from wrinkling.

1. Wet paste, wet paste can be used to prevent wrinkling of wood grain paper. First measure the area to be decorated, then cut the wood grain paper, put the cut wood grain paper on the object to estimate whether the size is appropriate, then spray the liquid on the surface to be pasted with a watering can, peel off the protective layer of wood grain paper, and paste the wood grain paper well. The pasted wood grain paper must be smooth and fast, otherwise the wood grain paper is easy to curl, use a scraper to scrape off the excess gas and liquid in the wood grain paper. This method can easily scrape off the bubbles inside.

2. Dry pasting, dry pasting is a common method of pasting wood grain paper. Like wet pasting, the size of wood grain paper is set first. It is estimated that wood grain paper should be pasted after cutting. When pasting wood grain paper, it cannot be pasted at one time. First, two points are fixed on wood grain paper. The distance between two points is the distance of wood grain paper. When pasting, the protective layer is 1-2cm from two points, then fold the protective layer according to this protective layer, tear off the outer edge, fold the removed protective layer to the outer edge of the wood grain paper, and then paste the wood grain paper in this direction. If there are bubbles inside, you can pierce the surface of the wood grain paper with a needle to drive out the bubbles inside.

Wood grain paper furniture sticker manufacturers are introduced here today. Thank you for watching.

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