Impregnated furniture veneer paper

Impregnated furniture veneer paper, mainly made of tripoly ammonia resin, because the cost of tripoly ammonia resin is relatively cheap, so this kind of veneer paper has the advantage of low cost. Although the cost is relatively low, but its appearance is very beautiful, and has a certain wear resistance, heat resistance, easy to clean and other excellent performance. Impregnated furniture veneer paper can not only be used for the surface decoration of various wooden furniture, but also has developed into the decoration industry of interior decoration and even the surface of vehicles and ships. It can be said that this kind of furniture veneer paper has occupied a large market share.

This kind of furniture veneer paper has very strict quality requirements in the production process. Before it is put into use, each of its raw materials must be manufactured by a regular manufacturer, and it must be inspected before it can be used. Every step of the process has strict quality control standards. In particular, during the impregnation process of this kind of furniture veneer paper, the adhesive film paper is used as it is used, and the paper that cannot be used up in one production and manufacture will be sealed immediately. It is strictly prohibited that the surface of the adhesive film paper is affected with moisture or consolidated together due to too long opening time and cannot be used.

This kind of furniture veneer paper does not have high requirements on the apparent quality of the furniture to be decorated, that is to say, even if there is a little unevenness on the surface of the furniture, it can also be repaired with this kind of veneer paper, and because it is produced by impregnation process, after using this kind of veneer paper, wooden furniture can also achieve the effect of moisture prevention. Not only can beautify the furniture, but also can increase the service life of the furniture. After the veneer paper is used for a long time, for example, the furniture veneer paper with the same appearance color, after one or two years of use, if you feel aesthetic fatigue, you can also replace other different types of furniture veneer paper to make your furniture look brand new.

Impregnated furniture veneer paper adopts hot pressing process. Appropriate pressure can ensure a good combination between the base material and the impregnated paper. Under the action of appropriate temperature and pressure, the resin in the impregnated furniture veneer paper melts and solidifies to form a closed and dense surface, and can also fill the uneven and tiny pores on the surface of the base material. Normally, the pressure is generally 2.0~3.0 MPa. Under the premise of not affecting the product quality, low pressure should be used as much as possible, which is beneficial to the internal structure of the base material for the service life of the hydraulic oil of the equipment. However, too low pressure affects the bonding strength and resin flow capacity between the base material and the impregnated furniture veneer paper. Therefore, in actual production, the unit pressure should be appropriately adjusted according to the new and old degree of different base materials and cushion pads. The length of hot pressing time depends on the curing speed and hot pressing temperature of the impregnated resin, generally in 40~50 S is appropriate for too long time will cause excessive curing of the resin, the loss of flexibility.

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Introduction to the advantages of impregnated paper, come and collect!

Melamine impregnated paper is divided into three categories: plain paper, printing paper and wear-resistant paper. According to the product application, it can be divided into two categories: face paper and base paper. Ordinary paper is different from original color paper and printing paper. The base paper is good, pure in color, not easy to change color, and the color of printing paper is relatively uneven. Generally, plain printing paper is used as base paper (multi-purpose laminate flooring, also called balance paper), which is widely used in cabinets and laminate flooring.

Impregnated paper features introduced, quick collection!

Impregnated paper is a mixture of non-woven wood pulp and PE and plant fibers. It has good absorption and anti-dissolution ability. Impregnated paper is also a very economical paper towel with low particle shedding rate. What are the characteristics of impregnated paper? Let's analyze it together. Impregnated paper wear-resistant, rich styles, impact resistance, no deformation, pollution resistance, flame retardant, moisture-proof, environmental protection, do not fade, easy to install, easy to take care of, can be used for floor heating, etc.

Dry goods sharing, one minute to take you to understand the development history of melamine impregnated paper

What is the development history of melamine impregnated paper? Let's take a brief analysis. Melamine impregnated paper is generally used for panel furniture, most of which are low-pressure and short-cycle forms, that is, the board is made by pressing for tens of seconds under high temperature and high pressure. In recent years, the synchronous disk produced by combining gelatin paper with steel plate and wood grain has been loved by people because of its good body texture.

Dry goods sharing, one minute to take you to understand the main indicators of melamine impregnated paper

What are the main indicators of melamine impregnated paper? Let's make a brief analysis together. 1. The amount of glue: the solid resin content of the decorative film paper (expressed as a percentage (%)). 2. Volatile content: the content (percentage (%)) of volatiles (mostly moisture and other small molecules) on decorative film paper. 3. Pre-curing degree: The curing degree of the resin is expressed as a percentage (%) on the decorative film paper.

Dry goods sharing, one minute to take you to understand melamine impregnated paper

Melamine impregnated paper, also known as "melamine" paper, especially refers to the amino resin (melamine-formaldehyde resin and urea-formaldehyde resin) impregnated in solid color base paper or printed decorative paper, after a certain degree of drying, can be hot-pressed bonded together or bonded on the wood-based board substrate offset paper.

The use of wood grain paper points

Wood grain paper is mainly used for decoration or trimming of furniture, speakers and other household office supplies. Now its other uses include: plastic packaging, wine packaging, plastic calendars, decorative paintings, etc. The following points for the use of wood grain paper?