Common problems in the printing process of wood grain paper furniture stickers

Common problems in the printing process of wood grain paper furniture stickers: wood grain paper furniture stickers printing appear blocked. It shows that the drawings cannot be printed, and a layer of ink can also be seen in serious cases. The reason is that the ink dries too fast, causing the ink to dry in the cavity; the machine is slow; the printing is not good. Processing method: can be added in the ink propylene glycol, methanol and other slow drying solvent, slow drying; appropriate to increase the speed of the machine.

Wood grain paper furniture sticker printing white spots. That is to say, the printed matter should be the point of the pattern part, there are many blank spots, you can directly see the substrate, commonly known as white spots, especially the light-colored pattern part. The main reason is that the surface of the base paper is too rough and the flatness is poor; secondly, the ink viscosity is the result of poor wettability of the substrate. Treatment: use good flatness base paper; reduce ink viscosity, add organic solvent or substrate wetting agent, increase the wettability of ink to the base paper.

Wood grain paper furniture sticker printing scratches. The ribbon appears in a non-patterned portion of the printed product. Reason: The main reason is the scraper problem, such as the scraper is not straight and damaged; the pressure is improper; the angle of the scraper roller is not appropriate. There are also scraper problems caused by ink factors, such as impurities and coarse hard particles in the ink; the ink viscosity is too high; the ink is too sticky to the plate cylinder; the ink dries too fast or too slowly. It is also caused by the printing plate cylinder, such as poor cylinder processing; the pattern is too deep; the chrome plating material is poor. Handling: If it is a scraper, use a straight and sharp scraper to adjust the angle and pressure of the scraper; due to the ink, filter the ink before printing on the machine, adjust to a suitable viscosity, and adjust the dryness and viscosity; For the reason of the roller, please use a smooth roller, correct the printing plate pattern, and re-chrome evenly if necessary.

Due to the characteristics of wood grain paper furniture sticker printing, it is difficult to control the color of such products with ordinary colorimeters and spectrocolorimeters. Ordinary color measurement instrument can only measure a single color of the product, the face of wood grain paper texture or at the same time there are a variety of colors, will be at a loss. Therefore, an image spectral colorimeter has been developed to solve the problem of color detection of complex images.

The printing of wood grain paper furniture stickers appears faint and halo; the edge of the pattern from both sides is called halo figure. Reason: The main reason is the uneven pressure of the printing plate; there are also cases where the ink concentration is insufficient or too thin to cause weakness. The pressure of the printing plate cylinder is too heavy and the ink viscosity is insufficient, which makes the ink overflow in the cavity before embossing, causing halo. Processing: adjust the plate roller pressure, adjust the ink concentration and viscosity, improve the drying speed.

To judge whether the two samples have color difference, we must first judge whether the paper color of the two samples is the same and whether the paper color is different, so we must first solve the paper problem; secondly, the color of the paper is the same, but the color of the ink is different, so we need to solve the problem of ink. Third, paper and ink are the same, so the roller problem must be solved.


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