How to buy furniture decorative paper

In terms of home decoration, many people like to build fashionable and warm houses through furniture decoration paper, but they often see that it is not so perfect when choosing furniture decoration paper. Because the pattern is too gorgeous, not suitable for the overall style of the house, the material selection is wrong, so the purchase and paste of furniture decoration paper is very important. The decorative effect of furniture decorative paper consists of three elements: texture, color and pattern, so let's learn how to buy furniture decorative paper!

1. how to choose different rooms have a unique taste of furniture decorative paper?

Whether the room decoration is harmonious, first of all in the visual photosensitive effect, that is, the overall effect of color. The color of the walls is an extension of life. Wallpaper because of a wide variety of flowers, the color of the ever-changing. According to their own aesthetic concepts, choose and furniture, curtains and other harmonious varieties, can achieve the overall harmonious beauty, with a unique decorative style, giving people a cordial, dynamic, warm feeling.

Combination of 2. belt molding

Belts are usually used in conjunction with wallpaper, but mainly due to the waist line of the wall, window frames, door frames, etc., it will produce unexpected decorative effects and can feel the artistic taste of wallpaper, so it is widely used in Europe and the United States.

3. flame retardant wallpaper

In places with high fire protection requirements, you can choose wallpaper with flame retardant added to the raw materials, which can meet the fire protection requirements stipulated by the state.

Notes when buying furniture decorative paper:

1. Material

Commonly used furniture decorative paper materials are paper-based laminated film, pure paper, non-woven three types of materials. The non-woven fabric feels good, the wall is breathable, but the scrub resistance is poor. Pure paper wallpaper has better scrubbing performance than non-woven fabrics, is easy to maintain, and feels smooth. Paper laminate paving technology requires high, can be made into a three-dimensional pattern, but poor air permeability.

2. Color

With regard to the color of furniture decorative paper, the more pure the color, the more simple the pattern, so it will not be visually fatigued. The decoration of the room can choose different colors and colors according to the function, or choose large flowers or small flowers according to the budget, so that materials will not be wasted.

3. Auxiliary materials

When buying a berth of furniture decorative paper, the first business must clarify the brand of the berth and the quality. It is a glue refined from natural materials, such as glutinous rice glue and corn gum.

4. Usage

Regarding the usage, first ask the operator to measure the size of the area and select the material according to the size of the area, so that the material will not be wasted on the usage of the material.

the advantages of furniture decorative paper:

1. Strong decorative effect: the wallpaper has a variety of colors, the choice of space is relatively large, and the decorative effect is very good, which can make the whole house warmer.

2. Wide application range: there are many application places, such as home, club, entertainment and other areas.

3. Simple maintenance: the wallpaper is easy to clean, has good abrasion resistance and good update performance.

4. Use safety: It has heat insulation, antibacterial, sound-absorbing functions, and can also prevent aging.

5. The decorative effect is good, different designs can create different styles, whether it is a simple style or a country style, it can depict a new feeling on the wallpaper. This cannot be done with latex paint or other wall materials.

6, wallpaper pasting is convenient, can calculate the construction time, greatly shorten the construction period.

7, furniture decorative paper has anti crack function, as long as the paving is firm, there will be no small cracks.

The above is how to buy furniture decorative paper, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!


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